The story: Sven Monnichmann from Amsterdam would love to drive an all electric Nissan Leaf. It's fun, it's quiet, it's powered by sunshine and rainbows! Unfortunately for Sven, he's not getting one from work, they're not available second-hand, and buying new is just too expensive. Sven is out of options!

In all his frustration, Sven is now saving up for something he can afford: a used Nissan 350Z. A very nice sports car indeed. It does, however, have a permanent whirlpool in the petrol tank, bucket seats made of baby seals, it's louder than a Boeing 747 and puts out more polution than a sunken BP oil rig.

Luckily, the good people of Nissan Europe put up the BIG Turn On Challenge, where first prize is a brand-new Nissan Leaf! Does Sven have enough jedi powers to make you click a button? Maybe even mind trick you into sharing this website with your friends? Watch this space, because come july 3rd (Sven's birthday)... - the battle between the devil and angel on his shoulder will draw to a dramatic conclusion.Nissan flat image